They Are Our Passion

How It Started

Mr. Adrian Zwayn has a love an passion for nature and water.

Being involved in the water industry for years understood the problem of water shortages and wondered how he could solve it. 

He knew that planting of trees would be the ultimate solution, but the conventional way was to expensive and labour intensive.

The solution came from the most unlikely source; one day after watching a documentary about flying foxes,  he realized that one could plant tree in  an easier way. The idea of seed packets was born.

Our Passion

We have a love for nature and the relationship between forests and water. Our passion is to create practical solutions for the real world problems.

Our mission

We a determined to have 1 billion seed packets produced and broadcasted to repopulate our lands.

our passionate team

Adrian Zwahlen

I grew up by the stream in a small farming village – water has been with me all my life. Hydropower plants have been at the center of my job for the past thirty years and have been at the center of my entrepreneurial activities and water. 

The founder

Our Associates

Welcome our associates

sylvester kaboi

Climate change expert

Sylvester Kaboi is a climate change scientist based in Kenya. We at myforests have been working hand in hand with him to get our solutions to the right people in order to repopulate Kenya’s dwindling forests.

Burundi connect

We have made great progress in Burundi on regards of the seed packets, ofcourse with the help of our connection on the ground who have lobbied the government and surely enough it has born fruit.