The ingenious Idea

The innovative idea of a seed packet is that within the saturation substrate (growth environment) there are several kinds of seeds that all grow at different times each for a given purpose, namely: 

Grass, flower and tree seeds.

1. Grass seeds

These Grow quickly and form a network of roots that anchor the seed packet to the ground.

These avoid the seed packets being washed away and provides shade for the rest of the seeds retaining the water.

Flowers seed
2. Flower seeds

Flower seeds sprout next.

Their purpose is to create a bio-diverse micro-environment by attracting pollinators such as bees, and other animals that depend on flowers for food and shelter.

Trees seed
3. Tree seeds

There a two kinds of tree seeds within the seed packet.
Small tree seeds: This are quick growing trees that sprout before the native slower growing trees, that provide shade for the native trees that grow later.

Native tree seeds: This grow slower that the native trees and repopulate the native forests. They are the main purpose of the seed packet.

Three Simple step process

The seed packet is first soaked in water. The cleverly designed seed packet can hold upto a litre of water which sustains the seed through their germination
The seed packet can than be broadcasted to the target area. This can be accurately done by hand and by air: by use of aircrafts and catapult.
Germination Begins
After broadcasting there is little follow up to be done, the seed packet is designed to be self sufficient.

How Seed Packaging Technology Operates?


The first step is setting up the logistics.

This entails:  Supplying the planters with vehicles, basic materials, seed packages, accommodation, food and drink The man power is grouped into to two: 

 Carrier teams

 Planting teams

Carrier teams

The Carrier team provides fresh supplies of seed packets, and other supplies such as food, fuel creating a fluid workflow.

Planting teams

Are in charge of actual broadcasting, which can be by use of aircrafts, or catapults, that we have designed to broadcast seed packets with pin-point accuracy.

Use of drones

We have partnered with flight dogs drone service who will provide technical support using of drones to broadcast the seed packets. Want to know more about flight dogs…click here

Research and development

Play Video

We keep on improving the seed packets for optimal performance. We have had several generation of seed packet tests and have had success.

In the video, you can see three seed packets that made it through storms, cold and wind without any problems. The next generation of seed packets have been broadcasted as demonstrated in the video. We continuously run tests that give us more information that allow survival of the seed packets on any terrain and environment.